Ableton Live 12 Out Now!

Ableton Live 12 Out Now

Ableton has unveiled the latest iteration of its iconic digital audio workstation, Live 12. This version comes with a promise that it has something for every music creator, encouraging endless exploration in music production.

Ableton Live 12 Out Now!

Key updates include a revamped Arrangement view, the innovative Stacked Detail view, and fresh synth offerings like Granulator III—a new granular synthesizer from Robert Henke, and Meld, an MPE-ready synthesizer full of diverse, playful, and distinctive sounds.

For the first time, Ableton's mixer is accessible in Arrangement view, previously a Session view exclusive, streamlining workflow by reducing the need to toggle between views.

The Stacked Detail view consolidates crucial elements like clip editing, automation, device parameters, and the device itself in a single, comprehensive view.

Improvements to the search function mean instruments are categorized by sound type (e.g., Bass/Brass/Guitar & Plucked/Lead) and character (e.g., acoustic, analog, bright, dark), with the option for users to add custom tags, speeding up the search process and allowing more time for creativity.

Ableton Live 12 Out Now!

Live 12 introduces Roar, a new color and saturation device, offering three saturation stages and built-in compressor and feedback routing for sound shaping. It ranges from gentle warmth to intense distortion.

Ableton Live 12 Out Now!

The MIDI Transformations feature adds versatility to MIDI clips through ornaments, articulations, dynamic curves, note connections, and simulations of real instrument techniques, like guitar strumming.

A fresh MIDI generator breathes life into projects by generating unique melodies, chords, and rhythms within user-defined parameters, complemented by Max for Live for deep MIDI exploration.

The Control Bar is designed to demystify music theory for those without formal training, displaying the notes of the selected key in any MIDI clip.

Live 12 is priced at £69, £259, and £539 for the Intro, Standard, and Suite versions, respectively, catering to new users at different levels of music production expertise.