Best Effects PLUGINS (UNDER $40)

Spaced Out by BABY Audio -

This is a reverb that does what its name suggests. You want a psychedelic, wonky tape and space echo effect then this it. Specializing in wet-fx this vst plugin works wonders with drums, instruments, especially plucks and definitely vocals. When using this vst you have the ability to subtly add a bit more depth, movement or character to the track with the click of the mouse. Simple and easy and with 125 presets it is a steal and $39 dollars. 

Valves by Audio Thing -

This Vintage tube emulator is gnarly. Clean or dirty however you like it. Valves can be used to add an authentic tube character mixes, loops or instruments. This is great for cleaning up muddy resonance or adding it. Valves uses a built-in cabinet & eq section in which you can emulate several types of guitar amps. This works on all genres. It runs around $35

Sketch Cassette 2 -

This was designed with lo-fi in mind.  A great effect to add into any of your mixes. It can be subtle or destructive whichever you choose. Its simple design and an easy of use features makes the SketchCassette II the perfect effect plugin to add to your arsenal. A great Cassette tape feel for under $40 bucks.

Imperial Delay by Boz Digital Labs -

This was only made for 2 reasons, easy of use and to be super powerful for the user. It achieved both and for $29. Really impressive on vocals this will obviously work on anything and with some quick and easy controls. Imperial delay can add colour, do some pitch shifting,  smear, modulate and also do ducking. Works on both mac and pc.

Vocal Finalizer by Noise Ash -

Designed for quick and easy vocal processing this comes with 3 types of compression, a DeEsser, 4 dptypes of delay, 5 reverb types, 3 different doubler types and a analog eq. Tons of options for the best vocal processing all for around  $30. Make sure you match the system requirements before purchasing.