How to Grow Your YouTube Channel in 2021

I have grown my YouTube channel to 50k Subscribers (It wasn't fast and it wasn't first) When I first started to grow my channel it was very slow and tedious getting 100 views per week on my newest videos and not growing many subscribers at all. Then I came across TWO companies that changed the way I viewed YouTube & the way I plan and upload my videos. These companies are "TubeBuddy" & "VidIQ" these two companies combined really helped and taught me about Keywords, Thumbnails, Titles & the importance of having them all done to the best of your ability. Both of these companies help you find good keywords for your Videos as well as suggested Titles too. You can search what you want your video to be about and see which search terms are really popular. Then you can replicate those popular videos and put your own spin on it with ideas of your own. Some people use one OR the other but I use both combined. The both companies have FREE subscriptions that you can help grow your channel perfectly well. But with most things if you are willing to invest a little you get more tools with the more you spend on your subscription. Below is a video I made explaining on how to use these tools when you are growing a "Beat Channel" but the same applies to any channel you want to grow. Also there is a Discount Code in the video if you sign up for TubeBuddy