Kontakt 6 VS Kontakt 6 Player (The Difference)

What is the difference?

Kontakt 6 Player is a free version of Native Instruments KONTAKT sampler software engine. It gives you access to many of the virtual instruments from Native Instruments but with some editing limitations. Not to worry, there are Instruments specifically manufactured for the Kontakt Player with full editing capabilities all over the internet.

Kontakt 6 Player: bit.ly/2RXaCRW


KONTAKT 6 is the paid version of the Kontakt player and has no limitations. You have the ability to drag and drop samples, you can also edit instruments and create your own. KONTAKT 6 will play both Player and non-Player libraries, so no more 15 minute demo mode. The sound is top notch for whichever you pick.

Kontakt 6: bit.ly/3efQ5SZ