How to install Serum Presets

Music production has become a uniquely diverse process in modern times. Rather than relying on expensive and bulky instruments, you can now create complex and impressive sounds using advanced DAWs, remarkable plugins, and their preset libraries. These tools are often sufficient to produce exceptional musical compositions without needing anything else. One particularly advantageous and high-performing VST plugin is Serum. This guide will provide instructions for installing Serum presets.

What is Serum?

If you're new to Serum, don't worry! This guide covers everything you need to know to install your presets and avoid any confusion.

Serum, a wavetable synth plugin by Xfer, is the perfect solution if you want to create professional-sounding, modern music. It has replaced the well-known wavetable synthesizer plugin Massive by Native Instruments. Serum is suitable for producers of all levels and offers a premium-quality sound library and presets. Its advanced features allow you to create complex and intricate sounds, surpassing the capabilities of simple oscillators. Whether you want to create a unique sound design or use the vast preset library, Serum has something for everyone. Plus, the user interface is highly intuitive, making sound production easy and enjoyable.

How to install presets

• Locate and download the preset of your choice onto your computer. Many presets are available for free or at a low cost. • After downloading, you will likely find the files in rar or zip format. • Unzip the files and move them to the appropriate location for access via Serum. • Access the Serum folder on your computer once the files have been unzipped.

How to install serum presets

• Navigate to the XFER folder in the drive where you saved the preset and go to the subfolder labeled 'Serum Presets.'

• To add the preset, you can either drag and drop the unzipped file onto the subfolder or create a specific category and save it there.

• For Windows users, the default path to access the Serum Presets is C:\ Users\ Documents\ Xfer\ Serum Presets\ Presets\ User.

• If you're a Mac user, the default Serum preset folder can be found in the Library section. Open the audio folder, then click the presets subfolder. Look for the specified Xfer Records folder and drag the extracted file into the 'Serum Presets' folder.

• The path to access the Serum Presets in MacOS is Library/ Audio/ Presets/ Xfer Records/ Serum Presets/ Presets/ User.

If your download also comes with "Noises" you will also have to copy them to the correct path shown below. 


Library/ Audio/ Presets/ Xfer Records/ Serum Presets/ Noises


C:\ Users\ Documents\ Xfer\ Serum Presets\ Noises

Install Serum Presets