Patent Sounds

1. License Agreement Information

Our COPYRIGHT TERMS apply to all PRODUCTS, regardless of whether
they are free or premium, that are made available on our website
( A PDF version of this agreement is included
in the download folder of each product for your reference.

By accessing, downloading, purchasing, or using any of our
PRODUCTS, you affirm that you have carefully read, fully
understood, and agreed to these COPYRIGHT TERMS.

If you are not authorized, do not accept these COPYRIGHT TERMS, or
have not obtained our PRODUCTS through our website, you are not
allowed to use our PRODUCTS for any commercial or non-
commercial intent.

2. Product Definitions

To aid in licensing and restrictions, we divide the content of our
products into two categories: "PRESETS" and "SAMPLES."

"PRESETS" refers to sound extensions that are specifically designed
for use with software synth instruments like Vital, Serum, Sylenth1,
and others.

The term "SAMPLES" refers to brief audio clips or loops that feature
sounds such as drum one-shots, synth one-shots, drum loops,
melody loops, MIDI files, and others. These audio clips are stored as
file formats like ".WAV", ".MP3", and ".MID."

To organize our product content, we categorize them into two types,
"PRESETS" and "SAMPLES," and store them in separate folders. The
"PRESETS" content is located in a folder labeled "Presets" or
"Soundbank," while the "SAMPLES" content can be found in a folder
labeled "Sample Pack."

3. 100% Royalty Free Terms

3.1: Our "PRESETS" and "SAMPLES" are licensed, not sold, to you. Any
rights not expressly granted are reserved.

3.2: The "PRESETS" and "SAMPLES" included in our products may only
be used by the original buyer, who is granted legal permission to
incorporate them into their original music compositions, for both
commercial and non-commercial purposes. These samples and
presets may not be used to create any competing products, such
as sample packs, virtual instruments, expansion packs, or any other
collections of sound or loop elements in any format.

3.3: "PRESETS" and "SAMPLES" cannot be used in isolation and must
be incorporated into a musical composition mixed with additional

3.4: Our products cannot be resold or transferred to a third party as
the license is non-transferable.

3.5: The sound extensions and audio clips, referred to as "PRESETS"
and "SAMPLES," included in our products are designated as "royalty-
free." This signifies that you are authorized to use the samples and
presets in a music composition or compilation, sell the resulting
product, and are not required to pay any royalties or recurring fees.

3.6: International copyright law strictly prohibits any form of
copying, lending, duplicating, re-selling, renting, uploading, file
sharing, or unauthorized trading of our content, or any part of our

4. Refund Policy

Owing to the intrinsic nature of digital downloads, we regret to
inform you that we are unable to process refunds for any of our
"SAMPLES" or "PRESETS" packs. This is due to the irreversible nature
of the download process, as once you have received the files, it is
impossible for us to retrieve them back in the event of a refund
request. Therefore, granting a refund would result in an unfair trade,
allowing you to keep both the product and the refund.

We kindly request that you exercise due diligence before
downloading our products by viewing our "Walkthrough Videos,"
listening to any previews, or reading the product descriptions that
we have provided. This will enable you to make an informed
decision before proceeding with the download.