Patent Sounds - Luminance (Vital Pack) - DixonBeats
Patent Sounds - Luminance (Vital Pack)
Patent Sounds - Luminance (Vital Pack) - DixonBeats

Patent Sounds - Luminance (Vital Pack)

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We are proud to announce our new "Luminance" Vital Preset pack. 

The Luminance soundbank for vital contains 50 original crafted sound presets for the popular synthesizer Vital.

These sounds are optimized to work within many genres and styles of music.

We have also bundled in 10 MIDI compositions to get you started making high-quality tracks right away.

The Luminance Soundbank contains the following:

  • 11 KEYS

  • 9 BASSES

  • 7 PLUCKS

  • 6 BELLS

  • 5 SYNTHS


  • 2 PADS

  • 2 WINDS

  • 2 VOX

  • 1 BRASS

  • 1 SFX



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Dixon always comes up

with the crazy melodies

Jay Cactus
Manchester, UK

The samples and loops are always great quality and make it easy to cook up a fire beat.One of the things I like most about the packs is that the loops come with midi files as it makes adding counter melodies and bass notes an easy task.

Rzr Sharpe
London, UK

Sick sample packs and helpful tools like midi packs and drum kits 🔥🔥

Error The Producer
Birmingham, UK

I’ve used Dixons loops and samples in many of my beats now and I can honestly say they’re top quality sounds and I’ll continue to use them 🔥🔥

Northampton, UK

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